COVID Vaccine Was Shut Down in Latest Move by Vaccine Company

COVID Vaccine Was Shut Down in Latest Move by Vaccine Company

( – The COVID-19 pandemic caused several companies to race against each other in a rush to develop a working vaccine. Now, as leaders worldwide push for people to take the inoculation, it seems one of them is dropping out, at least for now. The question is, why?

Many people have received their COVID-19 vaccines and even boosters, while others still remain unvaccinated, urging the need for more doses. So why would Johnson & Johnson halt production, especially when the plant putting a hold on production is the only J&J facility producing usable vaccine doses?

The answer to the question is both predictable and appalling: The company wants to produce a separate, more profitable vaccine.

The plant, located in Leiden, Netherlands, is shifting its focus to manufacturing an experimental vaccine targeting an unrelated virus. The decision comes in the middle of a pandemic, when people need as many vaccines against COVID-19 as they can get. It’s a perfect example of a private-interest business choosing profit over people; it’s always about making more money, not helping people.

A person familiar with the matter noted other facilities can produce the vaccine but haven’t received approvals to ship them out, or they’re not producing yet. The sudden halt in production creates the possibility of reduced availability of J&J COVID-19 vaccines over the coming months, decreasing doses by a few hundred million.

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