Customer Complains About Missing Lego Pieces

Customer Complains About Missing Lego Pieces

( – Dealing with customer complaints is a common occurrence for large companies like LEGO. Proper customer service requires a company to own its responsibility for a problem and offer an appropriate remedy. However, the good people at the popular company went above and beyond the call of duty when they recently attended to the needs of an unhappy consumer.

John is a huge fan of both LEGOs and Star Wars. So he couldn’t believe his luck when he came across a 3187 piece Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina set at his local Target. The kit retails for a whopping $349.99 and is currently out of stock on the LEGO website. However, there was just one problem. He quickly discovered the kit was missing one bag of pieces.

Concerned he couldn’t find a replacement set if he returned it, John decided to reach out to LEGO using its online customer service form. He didn’t hold his breath for a positive outcome knowing that all too often, customers receive a simple form letter when submitting a complaint. However, John received a hilarious response from LEGO’s customer service division.

The company’s reply started normally enough with the usual ‘thanks for contacting us.’ It quickly got fun when LEGO said the missing pieces “must be the work of Lord Vader.” Fortunately, the company offered a suitable solution to John’s dilemma.

LEGO informed him it hired Han Solo to speed the missing pieces out to him within a few days, or “less [than] 12 parsecs,” a reference to a Han Solo quote from “Star Wars: A New Hope.”

Hopefully, the Force will be with John as he assembles his Mos Eisley Cantina kit. The instruction manual is about 400 pages long!

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