CVS Shoplifter Allegedly Shoots, Kills Manager

( – An Arizona father and husband is dead after he was shot at the local CVS he managed by a reported shoplifter. On the night of September 7th, 49-year-old Michael Jacobs became the latest victim of what mainstream outlets appear to have finally conceded is a nationwide epidemic of theft coupled with violence.

According to the Mesa Police Department, 38-year-old Jared Sevey had shown up at Jacobs’ store around four hours before the shooting took place. The manager reportedly caught Sevey trying to steal, and an argument ensued. Police appeared to indicate that Jacobs was forced to let the alleged thief go because of his employer’s policy against pursuing shoplifters.

Sevey, who later told police he had been humiliated during the incident, is said to have gone home and retrieved a gun. He returned to the Mesa CVS a few hours later and allegedly shot Jacobs dead. According to officers, the accused killer admitted his guilt and showed no remorse.

Sevey is further said to have asked police if they would give him a beer before taking him in to be booked at their station. The criminal’s rap sheet is reportedly lengthy. Because of previous violent convictions, he was not supposed to be in possession of a firearm.

Many have blamed the surge in thefts around the country on an unwillingness on the part of local prosecutors to pursue criminals for stealing. Even in jurisdictions where prosecution is likely, the corporations who are being stolen from often choose not to press charges at all, or wait until the value of the goods stolen warrants a felony charge.

The Manhattan District Attorney made news some months ago after instituting a “no bail” policy. Alvin Bragg’s decision allowed suspected criminals to be released back on the street almost as soon as they were taken into custody, where they were free to continue their same behavior without fear of being locked up. Proposition 47’s passing in California left thieves facing nothing more than a misdemeanor for their actions.

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