Dan Patrick Justifies Accepting $3 Million from Pro-Paxton Organization Before Trial

(RepublicanNews.org) – The lieutenant governor of Texas has defended his decision to accept several million dollars from an organization that was supporting the state’s attorney general ahead of his impeachment trial, over which Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick presided as judge.

In a September 20th interview, Patrick pointed out that his critics had failed to mention that he had also received nearly the same amount of funding from opponents of Attorney General Ken Paxton. The AG had previously declared one of those donor groups, Texans for Lawsuit Reform, to be one of his political enemies.

Patrick’s words came four days after the AG’s well-publicized acquittal. The Texas Lt. Gov. appeared to suggest that the money in question “got headlines because” of the large nature of the sum. According to Patrick, he “raised” about “the same amount” through “people” that “weren’t out there” supporting the state’s attorney general.

The $3 million in question that Patrick raised came in $1 and $2 million increments over a 12-day period prior to the state’s first donation reporting deadline. Both donations were reportedly made by the political action committee known as Defend Texas Liberty.

DTL is said to be responsible for a barrage of attacks on Republican legislators in the state House who had voted to impeach the attorney general. A leader with the organization warned that there would be political consequences for any senator who failed to support AG Paxton during his trial.

Patrick’s $3 million sum reportedly courted controversy at the time because it was accrued during the same period that the Texas Senate was prepping for the attorney general’s trial. Additionally, the Lt. Gov. was said to have already been flush, having a reported $16 million in his campaign account.

None of the money would reportedly be needed until Patrick begins campaigning for the 2026 election cycle. Critics have also pointed out that the PAC in question donated far less to Patrick in the past.

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