Dangerous Floods Descend on NYC

(RepublicanNews.org) – Residents of the Big Apple awoke to a flooded city on September 29th with streets, subways, and thoroughfares all subjected to the devastating effects of heavy rainfall. The storm that had slammed the tri-state region turned roads into raging rivers, and many rush-hour commuters quickly found themselves stranded.

Video taken in one Brooklyn neighborhood showed vehicles attempting to creep along through knee-deep water. A fast-moving whirlpool was seen rotating in one spot above what one could probably safely assume was an exposed manhole. Elsewhere in Brooklyn, cellphone video taken by a passenger in a car showed water gushing inside the vehicle while children sat helpless.

Well-traveled routes were affected just as badly as side roads, with many turning into temporary rivers in the span of only a few hours. Flooded vehicles sat backed up in toe-to-toe traffic. Many drivers were forced to ditch their now-undrivable cars. A large percentage of those whose vehicles were not flooded still suffered the indirect effects of the deluge, with many being trapped in standstill traffic for hours.

One local said they had “never seen anything” comparable to it in their life. According to Fox meteorologist Brian Mastro, Brooklyn and Queens bore the brunt of the epic storm. By early afternoon, he said that Brooklyn had already recorded a rainfall total that was just shy of 7 inches.

Because a hefty amount of the city’s subway tunnels were underwater, New York’s transport authorities pleaded with commuters to remain in their homes. Cellphone video from one instance showed one of the subway system’s main staircases appearing to resemble a flowing waterfall.

In a moment that many would likely interpret as a logistical nightmare combined with an element of humor, a sea lion housed in Central Park was able to escape its enclosure and go for a swim. “Sally,” as she is known, eventually returned to her zoo habitat without incident.

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