Dave Chapelle Fundraiser Cancelled by Woke Students

Dave Chapelle Fundraiser Cancelled by Woke Students

(RepublicanNews.org) – Dave Chappelle continues to deal with the aftermath of his Netflix special “The Closer.” He stands accused of discriminating against transgender people in the show. Both Netflix employees and their allies have attempted to remove the special from the platform; thus far, the streaming giant refuses to comply. Chappelle received far less support after a group of students attacked his fundraiser at a Washington, DC school.

Chappelle was supposed to host a fundraiser at the Duke Ellington School of Arts, which he once attended. Instead, students formed a “woke” liberal mob and threatened to walk out if the school didn’t cancel the event. While the school initially moved to cancel the fundraiser altogether, they later decided to reschedule it from November 23 to April 22.

Chappelle’s fundraiser allegedly sought to draw funding for a new theater in the school, which it intended to name after the comedian. Students first got into a heated argument with faculty over a presentation honoring Chappelle that was set to release the same day the fundraiser started. Then, they staged the walk-out.

Despite the far-left’s continuous efforts to cancel Dave Chappelle, he has no plans to go anywhere any time soon. The comedian warns that if Netflix caves into the pressure to remove “The Closer,” he’ll fight back by launching his own US tour.

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