Dean Cain Says New Liberal Superman Stunt Is About ‘Bandwagoning’

Dean Cain Says New Liberal Superman Stunt Is About 'Bandwagoning'

( – Comic books and movies are always looking to find ways to get more viewers and customers. An upcoming installment of Superman comics is hoping to attract more readers by announcing the famed superhero is coming out as bisexual. The producers say they’re taking Superman in a bold new direction, but one actor believes it’s nothing more than hopping on the bandwagon.

Dean Cain, known for his role as the caped hero in “Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman,” said there’s nothing special about the character coming out as bisexual. He noted other characters, like Deadpool, Harley Quinn and Batman’s Robin, have already made the move. Cain believes writers are making Superman bisexual to follow those characters and said it’s not bold at all.

The former football player and Superman actor defended his position on the matter, noting if Superman wanted to go in a new direction, why not look at other real issues the world faces today? Cain pointed to Iran, where the government executes people simply for being homosexual, or girls under Taliban rule who can’t go to school.

Another storyline shows Jon Kent, the father of Superman’s alter-ego Clark Kent, fighting on behalf of refugees scheduled for deportation from the fictional city of Metropolis. Cain believes having Jon Kent fight against the reasons they had to migrate in the first place might be a more powerful story.

The former screen superhero asserted there are real monsters and evil in the world today and believes having heroes combat those problems would be a bold new direction, adding it would be something he’d enjoy reading.

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