Dear Biden: What’s Up with the Aliases?

Dear Biden: What's Up with the Aliases?

( – Allegations that Hunter Biden used the Biden family name to further his business interests have been circulating for some time, but fresh allegations that the President threw aliases into the mix have now resurfaced.

Florida Rep. Greg Steube, who recently filed articles of impeachment against President Biden, wants to know why the then-VP was trading emails pseudonymously. During an August 17th interview, the Republican suggested that the only reason the Vice President would be engaging with others under a false name is because he had something to hide.

The legislator told Chris Salcedo that the VEEP “absolutely” was attempting to cover his tracks. Steube asserted that members of Congress “now know” more than “$20 million” has poured into “Biden family” coffers from “foreign countries” via “actual numbers” that have been obtained. He cited the genesis of some of those funds as being from the CCP, Russia, and Ukraine.

Steube went on to allege an instance of corruption in which a “Russian oligarch” by the name of Elena Baturina gave Hunter Biden $3.5 million. Following the gift, Hunter Biden and his father allegedly had dinner with Baturina in Washington, D.C. The Rep. noted that she later somehow avoided being placed on a list of sanctioned Russians following the invasion of Ukraine.

As part of what appears to be a looming impeachment inquiry into the President, Congressman James Comer has asked the National Archives to turn over all unredacted materials they have that show Biden’s use of pseudonyms. The President’s use of alternate monikers has been known for years, though unredacted examples have not been released.

Fox News reported in 2021 that Biden may have “skirted” the law by using “private” email accounts in which he corresponded using alternate names. Emails were found on his son’s laptop that showed the VP transacting under names like “Robin Ware,” “JRB Ware” and “Robert L. Peters.”

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