Defense Secretary: No New UFOS in Days

( – The US’ back-and-forth reaction to spy balloons and unidentified flying objects seemed calmer on February 15th when the government announced there had been no new “objects” in American airspace for two days.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told media that government sky watchers haven’t seen any new objects, after more than two weeks of what seemed to be a schizophrenic response to unidentified craft.

A suspected Chinese spy balloon — which the Communist Chinese government insists was a meteorological device — floated across the Bering Strait, across Canada, and then all the way across the US before fighter jets shot it down off the coast of the Atlantic on February 4th.

Residents of Montana spotted the balloon, which began a public conversation about why the US waited a week to shoot it down. The craft floated down and across the continental US, passing over several military installations. Americans have been asking why the government response was so slow.

The Coast Guard and US military were still recovering and analyzing the bus-sized payload of the Chinese balloon as of February 14th.

US military response to unidentified objects in our airspace picked up rapidly after the initial balloon downing.

US jets have downed at least four unidentified aerial objects since shooting down the Chinese balloon. The origins and contents of these craft are not yet clear.

The Pentagon said crews are currently recovering debris from all the downed objects in order to identify and analyze them.

Defense Secretary Austin said NASA, the Federal Aviation Administration, the FBI, and the Pentagon were working together to identify the purpose of these craft. He said the “safety and security of the American people” are the government’s top priority.

While China has claimed the original balloon was a civilian weather monitoring craft, the US military claims it was part of a spy program operated by the People’s Liberation Army of China.

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