Dem Lawmaker Attacks Mothers In Unhinged Twitter Rant

( – A New Hampshire State Representative likened conservative American mothers to the Taliban in a July 9th tweet. Catherine Sofikitis was referencing Moms for Liberty, a nonprofit group that says they’re fighting against issues like critical race theory and mask mandates in public schools.

The legislator’s one-line tweet included rhyming and an expletive. The Republican Party of New Hampshire immediately responded to her comments and called them “disgusting.”

Chris Ager, the Republican Chair for the state, said her comment appears to “reflect” the left’s “disdain for parents” who want to be involved in their children’s education.

Co-founder of Moms for Liberty, Tina Descovich, said legislators have been “demonizing parents” and that it needs to stop. She said the group’s membership is composed of “joyful warriors” that are trying to “reclaim” America’s faltering system of education. She suggested officials “work with parents” instead of “demonizing” them.

The New Hampshire Rep. is the latest in a chorus of voices from the left that are painting the organization as a hate group. On the same day as Sofikitis’ tweet, The Hill ran a piece that called the outfit “an extremist organization” and listed six reasons for deeming them as such.

In June, the SPLC branded Moms for Liberty with the same label. Their analysis said the group promotes “conspiracy propaganda” and spreads “hateful imagery.” Moms for Liberty also targets the LGBTQ community and advocates for the Department of Education to be abolished, according to the SPLC.

One day prior to Sofikitis’ tweet, an MSNBC columnist took aim at the mothers and said the group’s definition of “joy” is not the “textbook” version. Their version of the word “comes from cruelty,” the writer said.

Sofikitis did not directly respond to questions about her Twitter comments, but appeared to double down by forwarding a video that called the nonprofit mothers “Momzis.” The term slant-rhymes with “Nazi” and appears to be a play on words.

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