Democrat Candidate Loses Her Mind on Her Own Staff

( – Hillary Clinton is known for backing candidates with questionable pasts. She stood by her husband after each of the four times he was accused of sexual assault. When he referred to Monica Lewinsky as “that woman” while occupying the White House, the former First Lady called the overall events part of a “right-wing conspiracy.”

Although Sheila Jackson Lee doesn’t exactly have any rape allegations following her around, she has been connected to retaliatory actions against the rape allegations of someone else. In 2019, Jackson Lee was the chair of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation. So the story goes, Lee fired one of her new hires who had once been involved in a lawsuit against the group.

In the suit, the plaintiff alleged that one of the foundation’s supervisors had raped her during a 2015 encounter. According to any number of reports, the longtime Democrat canned her new employee upon learning of her involvement in the suit against the CBCF. Shortly thereafter, Jackson Lee was made to resign her position as the foundation’s chairwoman.

In March of 2023, Lee announced her intention to run for mayor in the city of Houston. As of October 18th, and in spite of her questionable past on the CBCF, Lee has received the endorsement of Hillary Clinton. Clinton’s nod of approval came just before an October 21st recording was released that showed Lee berating her congressional employees and interns with words that most would likely consider to be demeaning and obscene.

The Texas legislator’s chastisements were not simply expletive-filled rants with standard f-bombs and other forms of cursing. Few would listen to what she told her workers and say her words were anything other than insults specifically meant to inflict pain.

At one point in the audio, Jackson Lee says her staff is comparable to “a fat [expletive.]” She also says her employees lack brains and are both “idiots” and “children,” with each descriptor prefaced by extreme cursing.

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