Democrat District Attorney Suing City Leaders Over Homeless Crisis

( – Leftist homelessness policies appear to have backfired on Democrats in California’s capital, with Sacramento County’s district attorney filing a civil suit against the city for an apparent failure to enforce laws that are already on the books. In a twist that many would likely not have seen coming, the man behind the suit is himself a Democrat.

Thien Ho, the D.A. in question, alleges that leaders have not only “allowed” and “created” the homeless issue at hand, but that they have “enabled” the epidemic to grow to an unmanageable level. The resulting “public safety crisis” must be dealt with, he says. Ho told one outlet on September 21st that the “local crisis” had been “made worse” via “local decisions.”

A September 22nd report from the city’s ABC affiliate shows how Sacramento’s homeless problem has become overwhelming. The D.A.’s recent lawsuit prompted Rich Eaton, a local businessman, to reach out to the outlet. Eaton claims that Ho’s suit is similar to one he had already filed against the city in 2022.

On his own, Eaton sued Sacramento leadership for what he said was a “dereliction of duty.” The local real estate owner said the city had failed to keep homeless encampments away from commercial properties and that tenants had been driven out by the resulting crime.

He and his remaining tenants dropped almost one-quarter million dollars on repair costs for items like storefronts, fencing, windows, and air conditioning, all of which had been destroyed by homeless individuals. Because of the city’s failure to tackle the issue, he and a cluster of other local property owners have been paying “$20,000 a month” to have private security patrol their holdings.

Elsewhere in the country, the ex-Democrat Mayor of Dallas recently cited liberal policies on homelessness as one of the reasons he has chosen to become a Republican.

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