Democrat Fate Might Be Sealed in Nevada After New Poll Released

Democrat Fate Might Be Sealed in Nevada After New Poll Released

( – Midterm elections are just around the corner as 2022 edges closer. For Democrats, the elections looming in the distance could spell trouble as President Biden’s approval rating, which closely portrays the party’s performance in elections, diminishes. While a lot can happen in the remaining months before the midterms, there are indications the fate of the left might be sealed in Nevada.

According to a poll the Mellman Group conducted on behalf of the Nevada Independent, which had a +/- 4% margin of error, the current governor, Steve Sisolak (D), only leads with 2 points over Dean Heller, former US Senator (R-NV). Sisolak’s race for the governor’s seat against Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo is even closer, with the incumbent polling at 44.9% against the sheriff’s 44.4%.

Voters in the Silver State generally see Sisolak unfavorably, according to the same poll, with 48% having an unfavorable view and only 46% viewing him favorably. Regarding the governor’s response to the pandemic, 59% of those polled had a negative opinion about his response as opposed to 38% who expressed a positive opinion.

The governor might not be the only one in trouble. Poll responses showed US Senator Catherine Cortez-Masto (D-NV) barely maintained a lead above the margin over former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt (R), 45.5% to 41.2%, less than half a percent above the margin of error.

The poll, conducted by telephone, included 600 respondents consisting of 35% Democrats, 35% nonpartisans, and 30% Republicans. Because more Independents and Democrats participated in the poll, one might reason, based on statistics, they’d have a more substantial lead. Therefore, the results might potentially highlight the troubles facing the Democratic Party in Nevada.

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