Democrat In $1M+ Home Slammed For Student Loan Complaint

( – A former New York state Senator chose to take on a $1.14 million mortgage last summer instead of paying off more than $200,000 in student loans. The ex-politician and Democrat, Alessandra Biaggi, failed to mention this fact to her Twitter followers after posting a complaint about the Supreme Court’s June 30th decision to strike down the Biden Administration’s plan to forgive student loans.

Her tweet expressed that after graduating from Fordham Law School in 2012 she was saddled with $180 thousand in debt. She complained that despite 11 years of payments and two loans being paid completely off, her remaining balance in 2023 stands at $206 thousand.

Biaggi represented the 34th district of New York from 2019-2022. Following her term, she hoped to represent the state’s 17th district. In doing so, she and her husband bought a $1,137,500 home and took up residence there. Following the move, her primary challenge to Democrat Sean Maloney proved unsuccessful.

The 2022 purchase was almost double the worth of her previous $691,006 home in Pelham, NY. Social media users quickly unloaded on Biaggi, noting that the politician’s school loans were not paid off prior to her taking on a new mortgage.

One user commented that Biaggi needed the help of finance guru Dave Ramsey. Another asked if she had read her student loan agreement before signing it.

Biaggi responded to her critics by referring to them as “ignorant trolls.”

The 36-year-old former Rep. is the granddaughter of famed New York politician Mario Biaggi, who spent ten terms representing the Bronx. After being convicted of receiving unlawful gratuities, he resigned from Congress in 1988. He eventually went to prison and spent more than two years behind bars.

President Biden’s forgiveness plan for student loan debt would have slashed $10 thousand in federal loans for certain borrowers. Recipients of Pell Grants could have qualified for up to $20 thousand in relief.

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