Democrat Wants Tlaib To Be Censured

( – The Democrat Representative for Michigan’s 12th congressional district appears to have ended up in the sights of nearly all of her counterparts and colleagues. Rashida Tlaib’s words, or lack thereof, have angered a chorus of legislators on both the right and left sides of her chamber.

Despite the looming threat of censure, the Detroit-area lawmaker does not appear to be backing down. Most would likely expect Tlaib to be on the receiving end of perpetual Republican disdain, but within 48 hours of the events of October 7th, even her fellow liberals were upset with her.

Her refusal to condemn what most others viewed to be the wholesale slaughter of innocent civilians landed her in hot water, but her unwillingness to refer to Hamas as a terrorist entity may have made things that much worse.

Tlaib’s insistence that the region’s “violence and trauma” was caused by Israeli “apartheid” seemed to infuriate those from within the ranks of her own party, especially those from places like New York, which is home to a large Jewish population. Reps. Torres and Gottheimer, who are both New York Democrats, were only one duo of many who condemned their colleague’s words.

After Tlaib took to Twitter on the night of October 17th and claimed matter-of-factly that Israel had killed “500 Palestinians” in a Gaza hospital bombing, she took even more flak. Despite some mainstream outlets issuing corrections to their reporting the following day, and despite President Biden saying he sided with the Israeli account, Tlaib stuck to her guns.

Florida Rep. Jared Moscowitz, who is both a Democrat and a Jew, said that “everyone” in his chamber should consider Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s “censure resolution,” which the Georgia lawmaker introduced on October 24th. He appeared to suggest that Tlaib was willfully ignoring U.S. intelligence about the hospital incident and instead listening to Gaza’s “Ministry of Health,” which he compared to a “terrorist organization.”

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