Democratic Senator Gets Caught Partying Mask-less

Democrat Senator Gets Caught Partying Mask-less

( – Elitist Democrats love to talk the talk. Unfortunately, however, not many of them bother to walk the walk, particularly regarding the coronavirus pandemic and wearing masks.

Progressive firebrand Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) offered a perfect case in point at Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland’s New Mexico wedding on Saturday, August 28. Photographs acquired by The Washington Free Beacon showed the renegade senator having the time of her life without a face mask.

New Mexico’s Democratic Governor Michelle Grisham issued a statewide public health emergency order on August 17 clarifying current COVID-19 guidance and restrictions. That order mandated the wearing of masks indoors, particularly in crowded public places.

Noted right-wing political commentator, filmmaker, and author Dinesh D’Souza posted images from the wedding on his Twitter page showing a gleeful Warren smiling at the camera — maskless.

D’Souza also took a jab at Warren, pointing out that she was in the company of “actual Native Americans.” Warren had to walk back her false claims of having Indian ancestry after it became a major public relations nightmare for her during her failed campaign to capture the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020.

If avoiding the inconvenience of wearing a mask at a crowded indoor public gathering is okay for Senator Warren, why does she promote masks for everyone else?

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