Democrats Are Now on High Alert

Democrats Are Now on High Alert

( – Joe Biden’s presidency is still in its first year, not even a quarter of the way into his term, and the president’s approval numbers are rapidly declining. The downward trend concerns Democrats heading toward the 2022 midterm elections.

Left-wing politicians already know the historic trend signaled by a rocky first two years for their party’s president; it happened with Clinton in 1994 and during Obama’s first mid-term as president in 2010. Democrats lost both chambers of Congress both times. Based on these precedents, Biden’s first year seems to foretell another red wave in Congress, where Dems hold a very slim majority.

Many Democratic veterans are expressing concerns: If Biden can’t regain control, their party’s chances of keeping both chambers of Congress are virtually nonexistent. Paul Maslin, a top pollster for the Democratic party, asserted that there isn’t any good news, and it’s all happened on Biden’s watch.

One Democratic strategist admitted the reemergence of COVID-19, the Afghanistan withdrawal, fires in the west, and Hurricane Ida cutting a swath from New Orleans through to New York would all impact midterms and potentially Biden’s reelection. The unnamed analyst, attending the Democratic Governors Association in Aspen, Colorado, added anyone who believes otherwise is poorly informed.

Democrats are also concerned with Biden’s approval ratings which have diminished rapidly into the mid-40s. A president’s approval ratings are closely related to how well their party performs during the midterm elections. The party potentially faced slimmer margins in the House and Senate even before this summer, where nothing went right for President Biden.

The Democrats’ bad news, however, is music to Republicans’ ears. It might sound like the right tune to regain control of both chambers of Congress.

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