Democrats Are Trying To Push Through Electoral College Reform

Democrats Are Trying To Push Through Electoral College Reform

Democrats Have A New Ploy To Give Themselves An Election Advantage

( – Midterms are just around the corner, and Democrats are increasingly concerned that they might suffer heavy losses in Congress on election day. In a worst-case scenario, Republicans could regain control over the Senate or even the House, making enacting change even more difficult. A handful of leaders are now pushing for extreme electoral college reform before that can happen.

Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD) recently spoke with Pamela Brown of CNN’s “Newsroom” to discuss the newly proposed Electoral Count Act (ECA). The Democrat leader hoped that Congress would pass the bill before midterm voting arrived. He also noted that the legislation currently has bipartisan support, which he believes will be enough to pass through the Senate. Cardin also suggested that the House is willing to pass the ECA.

The bipartisan bill in question would reform the 1887 Electoral Count Act and clarify the vice president’s position during presidential elections, ultimately confirming that the position doesn’t hold the power or authority to overturn results. The second-in-command would play a ceremonial role rather than getting involved in counting votes.

The new legislation comes in the wake of the January 6 incident in which Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol to try to halt Biden’s victory certification. The former president had also pressured Mike Pence to overturn results in key states to give him the win in the 2020 election.

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