Democrats Attempt to Skirt Abortion Restrictions At Sea

Democrats Attempt to Skirt Abortion Restrictions At Sea

Democrats Have A TERRIBLE New Idea For Abortions…

( – Abortion has always been one of the top debates among politicians, but it recently became a major point of contention after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. States now have the power to ban abortion completely, which is why Democrats are scrambling to identify loopholes that stop the restrictions from going into effect. Now, they’re throwing around the idea of floating abortion clinics at sea.

The pro-abortion group Protecting Reproductive Rights of Women Endangered by State Statutes (PRROWESS) is working toward offering an abortion option that operates offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. The clinic would be in international waters, allowing women in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas to have access to abortions and other controversial reproductive items like contraception.

Dr. Meg Autry of PRROWESS, an abortion provider, told NBC Bay Area News that the idea of a floating clinic might be more viable for women near the coast than traveling to a state where abortion is legal. She hopes to raise at least $20 million to create the new facility. Dr. Autry noted that legal challenges from states banning abortion are likely, but she feels confident the movement will overcome them and prove lawful in the end.

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