Democrats File Bar Complaint Against Trump Campaign Lawyer

Democrats File Bar Complaint Against Trump Campaign Lawyer

( – Tensions continue to mount over the disputed results of the presidential election. As one might expect, heated rhetoric has emerged as supporters of President Donald Trump talk to members of the press.

US Representatives Ted Lieu (D-CA) and Kathleen Rice (D-NY) lodged an official complaint with the District of Columbia’s Bar Association Disciplinary Counsel after Trump attorney Joe diGenova made some incendiary remarks during a Newsmax interview with host Howie Carr aired on November 30.

The controversy surrounding former Trump administration cybersecurity czar Chris Krebs arose during the interview, and diGenova called him a “Class-A moron.” Continuing, he suggested he should be executed for contradicting the president and reasserting his claim that the election was fair.

Jason Miller, a senior advisor to the Trump campaign, tweeted out his support for diGenova, stating he remained a valuable member of the campaign’s legal team and was clearly joking around when he made those remarks. The following day, diGenova released a statement insisting he was kidding.

Legal experts remain divided on whether diGenova’s remarks violated any rule that could result in disciplinary action. In the meantime, several lawsuits brought by Republicans and the Trump campaign regarding alleged voting irregularities continue working their way through the courts.

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