Democrats Put Republicans on Notice With Disturbing Threat

Democrats Put Republicans on Notice With Disturbing Threat

( – Joe Biden vowed to unite the government while campaigning for president. He appears to have no intention of fulfilling that promise, if his first four months in office serve as any indication of future action. The White House, reinforced by loyal Democrats, appears ready, willing, and able to wipe out any chance of future compromise with Republicans.

Impatient to force their liberal agenda on the nation, Democrats have taken to warning and threatening Republicans that they won’t keep waiting on them to compromise on pending legislation.

Democrats now say they will start moving forwards soon with partisan bills, claiming they have been working toward finding common ground with their Republican counterparts.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) told reporters on May 25 that he hoped Republicans would work with Democrats. However, Democrats aren’t going to continue allowing them to say “no” and won’t let Republicans “stand in [their] way.” He also drew a line in the sand regarding Biden’s multi-trillion dollar infrastructure proposal, giving Republicans until July to develop a suitable compromise.

For all their talk of unity, it is crystal clear the only thing Democrats care about is power — and free rein over your tax dollars.

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