Democrats Stunned After Hospitalizations Skyrocket in Deep Blue State

Democrats Stunned After Hospitalizations Skyrocket in Deep Blue State

( – Deep-blue Michigan is in the midst of one of the largest COVID-19 surges currently underway. With the pandemic as politicized as it is, many Democrats have been stunned to learn the news that some blue states have proven to be just as, if not even more, vulnerable than their conservative counterparts.

The virus has been tough to predict; there are probably several variables at play behind the skyrocketing cases. Still, it seems like the most politicized among them — vaccines and mask mandates — might not always follow party lines.

Surging Numbers

According to the New York Times, new COVID-19 cases in Michigan in the past two weeks have increased by 78%. The state also witnessed a 46% increase in pandemic-related hospitalizations.

The only state to see higher numbers, deep-red North Dakota, saw a 93% spike in cases instead. Left-leaning swing state New Hampshire experienced the largest surge in hospitalizations, 58%.

In recent months, many people have taken sides on COVID-19 control efforts based seemingly on party. But, when looking at the information above, it becomes clear that spikes occur in both red and blue states. So, what’s going on?

Crossing Party Lines

According to the state of Michigan’s official website, residents of this highly Democratic region fall short of the 59.2% national vaccination rate average. Just 54.8% have received adequate doses. The state is attempting to boost efforts and raise those numbers, but it might only be addressing part of the problem.

“Breakthrough” infections could offer one piece of the puzzle. According to the CDC, COVID-19 vaccines aren’t 100% effective, so a small percentage of fully vaccinated people still get sick. The Delta variant and other newer strains may also infect more vaccinated individuals, further complicating the issue.

Because people who’ve been fully vaccinated tend to have milder infections, they may also spread COVID-19 without ever realizing they have it.

Just Not Effective?

And then, there’s the most recent data on infection rates in states like Florida and Texas, which have fervently fought against both vaccinations and masking efforts. Both of those states are currently seeing relatively mild numbers, despite both having lower than average vaccination rates. That begs the question of whether anti-pandemic efforts are really effective.

Regardless of where one stands on vaccinations and masks, most people can agree that the pandemic is a serious problem that has devastated countless lives. No region is immune from a sudden surge. People who suffer from health conditions that put them at increased risk should discuss their options with their doctors to make sure they’re doing all they can to stay safe.

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