Dems Want Answers on Biden Docs

( – Speaking to the press after a January 17 town hall event, Democratic House representative Katie Porter of California said it’s not just the GOP who wants answers about President Biden’s handling of classified documents.

Though she said she did not know yet whether she would sign Republican James Comer’s request to the White House for records about the documents, Democrats too “want answers” about the President’s document handling.

Porter represents California’s 47th District. Comer, of Kentucky, chairs the House Oversight Committee.

White House lawyers found documents marked “classified” both in the Biden-Penn Center, the President’s D.C. think tank, and also in the President’s Wilmington, Delaware, garage, where he stores his classic Corvette Stingray.

Some of the documents appear to date from the Obama administration, in which Biden was Vice-President.

Porter said that proper oversight of classified documents was not a partisan issue, and that anyone who breaks the rules should be held responsible. Though it was unclear how she could have determined the scope of President Biden’s potential mishandling of documents, Porter made sure to refer to former President Trump’s “much broader abuse of classified information.”

Unlike the low-key search of Biden’s properties by White House lawyers, the FBI carried out a full raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in 2022 looking for classified documents, despite the fact that Trump cooperated with the investigation. Trump said agents rifled through the house, including the clothes closet used by his wife, Melania.

So far, there has been no official determination that Trump “abused” any of the information found in the documents at Mar-a-Lago.

Biden’s response—or the lack of it—to questions about the classified papers found at his properties has raised reporters’ eyebrows. After a meeting with the Netherlands Prime Minister, reporters peppered the President with questions about the documents but were met with silence.

The President similarly ignored press questions about the matter several times during public appearances in January.

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