Dems Want Buttigieg to Tackle “Racist” Traffic Enforcement

( – For progressive Democrats in Congress, there is nothing that is not racist, and that includes enforcing traffic laws on the roads.

Twenty-seven Democrats sent a letter to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg on April 6th, calling on him to “reform” what they call “racist traffic enforcement.” The group of House Democrats behind the letter included some of the most progressive and hard-left members in the group known colloquially as “the squad”: Ayanna Pressley (D-MA); Cori Bush (D-MO); Jamaal Bowman (D-NY); and Ilhan Omar (D-NY).

The letter uses the vocabulary sleight of hand favored by hard-left Democrats. It calls for traffic enforcement “equity.” To the casual reader, “equity” sounds like “equality,” but they are not the same thing. Equality generally means equality of opportunity or resources and the equal application of laws and rules to all regardless of personal characteristics.

But “equity” is the idea that all people must be given proportional treatment or resources to achieve equal outcomes according to race or whichever demographic “equity” proponents favor at the moment. If a particular demographic commits more crimes and thus gets punished more, “equity” advocates say that is unfair and an act of discrimination.

“On our nation’s roads and highways, black motorists have experienced disproportionate scrutiny and excessive force under the guise of traffic enforcement,” the letter states. It urges Buttigieg to “develop reforms to reduce inequities in traffic stops.”

The letter does not explain how the authors know that the traffic stops are “disproportionate,” or how the authors know that traffic enforcement is motivated by “racism.”

The 27 signatories call for Buttigieg to take money from President Biden’s infrastructure funding law to reform traffic enforcement to achieve “transit equity.” Examples of the equity the group would like to see include removing what it calls “financial barriers” to registering a vehicle (presumably this means giving motorists fee-free registration) and updating traffic lights.

Buttigieg has long signaled his allegiance to “woke” political priorities, saying he believes racism is baked into American transportation policy. 

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