DeSantis Blocks $35M Training Facility After Athletes Support Gun Control

DeSantis Blocks $35M Training Facility After Athletes Support Gun Control

DeSantis Gets PERFECT Revenge Against A Sports Team

( – Republican Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis doesn’t like to be defied and is more than willing to fight back against the “woke” mob. The governor’s most recent decision to withhold funding from a training facility only solidifies that fact. The team had publicly stated its support of gun control in response to recent shootings.

The Tampa Bay Rays were originally slated to receive a new $35 million training facility. While legislators passed the necessary measures to allocate those funds, Governor DeSantis vetoed the bill after the Rays showed support for gun control on Twitter.

As a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, it isn’t surprising to hear that DeSantis took action. Pulling the funding proves the governor is willing to stand against even the most popular leftists in order to preserve constitutional rights.

DeSantis’ decision to revoke money for the training facility is far from the first time he’s reacted to woke sentiments in this manner. The governor stripped Disney of special tax privileges earlier this year after it criticized his Parental Right to Education Act. The bill grants parents the right to dictate sex-ed curriculums, including gender and sexual orientation studies.

DeSantis remains a popular character among Republicans. It will be interesting to see whether he makes a presidential bid at some point.

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