DeSantis Demands Receipts For “Woke” Education On The Taxpayer Dime

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has written to the state’s Department for Education and public university system, directing them to provide details of all programs relating to Critical Race Theory, diversity, equity, and inclusion activities. He also wants a report on the costs of any such programs, particularly the extent to which taxpayers are contributing towards them. The educational institutions have until Jan. 13 to respond. 

The Governor is seeking the information to prepare his 2023 budget proposals, saying he needs a “full understanding of the operational expenses of state institutions.”

The request opens a new front in the Governor ongoing “War on Woke”, which appears to have paid huge dividends since he was first elected in 2019, defeating Andrew Gillum by fewer than 80,000 votes. When re-elected in 2022, he beat the Democratic candidate by over 1.5 million, demonstrating that Floridians warmly received his policies.

His big attention-grabbing win in the culture war in 2022 was the passage of the Parental Rights in Education act, misleadingly known in the media as the “Don’t say gay” bill, preventing children younger than 10 from receiving instruction on gender identity or sexual orientation, and forbidding educators from keeping such disclosures secret from parents.

His ”STOP Woke” act is legislation in the same vein, this time aiming the divisive ideology of Critical Race Theory, which drives many workplace initiatives such as unconscious bias training and Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion policies.  In November 2022, a federal judge struck down parts of the act barring employees of public colleges from promoting select racial theories in class on first amendment grounds.

The DeSantis administration has said they intend to contest the ruling, but in the meantime, the letter to educational institutions this week makes it clear that he intends to make good on his declaration, “Florida is where woke goes to die.”

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