DeSantis: “Florida is Number One”

( – Florida’s popular Republican Governor Ron DeSantis threw red meat to his constituents in his State of the State address on March 7th.

“Florida is number one,” DeSantis said before the legislature. He bragged about the work his administration has accomplished, such as cutting taxes, resisting the “bio-medical state” by refusing to mandate vaccines, and standing up for the rights of parents to have a definitive say in their children’s education.

DeSantis recently won re-election to the governorship by 19 points and remains popular both in his own state and among conservatives around the nation. An attorney educated at Yale and Harvard, DeSantis joined the Marines and served a tour of duty in Iraq.

But what exactly did he mean about Florida being “number one?” DeSantis said Florida was the top destination for people moving out of other states, that it was the number one tourist destination, that it has very low levels of unemployment, and that it leads in economic growth among large states.

The Florida Governor is in the middle of a tour to promote his book, “The Courage to Be Free: Florida’s Blueprint For America’s Revival.” This week, he has stopped in California and Iowa, prompting speculation that he may be preparing to announce a run for the Oval Office in 2024.

If he does, DeSantis’ likely opponent will be Donald Trump. In his characteristic way, Trump has been mocking his would-be opponent with nicknames such as “Meatball Ron.” DeSantis has lately appeared noticeably slimmer than in recent months.

In his speech, DeSantis asked the legislature to make Florida a “constitutional carry” state for gun owners¬†and to keep pushing back hard on liberal cultural issues such as “critical race theory”, among others.

Turning to personal matters, the governor said his wife, Casey DeSantis, is doing “better than ever.” Mrs. DeSantis was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2021 and has successfully recovered.

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