DeSantis Gets Heckled In Iowa

( – Florida Governor and Republican Presidential candidate Ron DeSantis faced repeated heckling from a woman while at a town hall campaign stop in Altoona, Iowa. DeSantis was noticeably bothered by the heckling, who asked the woman to “stop it.”

Several times the woman asked DeSantis about sex offenders in schools, though it’s unclear exactly what she was referring to. DeSantis responded by pivoting to talking about Florida’s exceptional national school rankings. The woman didn’t stop heckling him and in videos of the encounter she can be heard talking over DeSantis as he tried to get his speech back on track. Sex offenders are not allowed within 1,000 feet of Florida schools, by law. She was not removed from the event, despite continuing to interrupt the talk.

DeSantis appeared to be frustrated and was not able to overcome the disruption.

DeSantis also faced criticism from Nikki Haley, another GOP primary contender who spoke after DeSantis at the town hall. Haley accused DeSantis if lying about her positions and criticized him for campaigning with Kentucky Republican Representative Thomas Massie and his “anti-Israel” remarks.

DeSantis has faced heckling in Iowa before. Back in August he visited the Iowa State Fair in Menlo and encountered protestors attempting to drown him out with a bullhorn and cowbells. The protestors opposed his LGBTQ policies in education.

This is the first time DeSantis has entered a presidential primary. He’s been governor of Florida since 2019 and represented Florida in the U.S. House of Representatives from 2013 to 2018.

The Florida Governor currently polls at just over 12% among GOP primary voters, a full 50 points behind former President Donald Trump. Haley is at just over 10% in the polls. With the Iowa primary less than a month away, DeSantis and the other candidates have significant ground to make up. Iowa is the first state to hold primaries on January 15th, with New Hampshire holding theirs on January 23rd.

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