DeSantis Getting Backers Before He Announces Run

( – He hasn’t even announced a run for President in 2024, but Florida Republican Governor is already getting endorsements.

Chip Roy, a Republican House Representative from Texas, is the first. Roy threw his support behind the possible candidate on March 15th, despite the fact that DeSantis has not formally announced a run.

Roy’s email to supporters called DeSantis a “man of conviction” and the best choice for the next President. Though DeSantis hasn’t formally thrown his hat in the ring, political observers expect that he will.

One of the first stops on DeSantis’ tour promoting his new book was Iowa, the state everyone looks to first when Presidential candidates are selected through caucuses. Former President Donald Trump is in the lead of most polls of prospective Republican voters, but DeSantis is in the number two spot.

In his email newsletter, Roy said the US needs a committed leader with “faith, vision, and courage to chart a new course.” Echoing the sentiments of many Republicans (and some Democrats) about how the Biden administration has fared in office, Roy called for an end to expansive government intrusion into state and private affairs, excess spending, and “woke cultural indoctrination.”

Ron DeSantis’ message is a welcome one to voters tired of the hard-left cultural and political movement commonly known as “woke.” DeSantis has pushed legislation that rid public schools of textbooks that the state believes are not teaching history, but rather left-leaning political views about the United States.

The Florida governor’s views on immigration are also well-received by conservative voters. He made headlines in late 2022 after making good on a promise to send two airliners full of illegal immigrants to the elite resort island of Martha’s Vineyard in bluest-of-blue Massachusetts.

Roy praised the move, which conservatives saw as forcing liberals to put their money where their mouth was since they seem to want lax borders and more illegal immigration.

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