DeSantis Releases “Top Gun” Parody Ad

DeSantis Releases

DeSantis New Top Gov Ad Is EPIC

( – As primary elections wind down, campaigns are starting to heat up across the country ahead of November midterms. On August 22, Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) released a unique ad using elements from the popular movie “Top Gun: Maverick.” The video starts off at what looks like a hanger named “Freedom Headquarters,” panning away to jets flying in the air.

DeSantis appears in the clip at the head of what would be a class of fighter pilots, donning a bomber jacket and classic Maverick sunglasses. Throughout the ad, he outlines the “rules of engagement” for dealing with corporate media, which include never backing down, sticking to your guns, and never “accept[ing] their narrative.”

As he uses his pointer and a whiteboard to explain these rules, the video jumps back and forth to show clips of the governor effectively dealing with the media throughout his time in office. The campaign advertisement ends with his son appearing in the cockpit of a jet, saying “Let’s turn and burn!” — a Tom Cruise quote from the “Top Gun: Maverick” movie.

The Florida leader’s wife, Casey DeSantis, came up with the concept for the media-challenging promotion. The governor will face Representative Charlie Crist (D-FL) in the fight for the governor’s mansion this fall.

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