DeSantis Takes Action Against Wokeness in Education

DeSantis Takes Action Against Wokeness in Education

VICTORY: DeSantis Reforms Education In a SPECTACULAR New Way

( – Recently, Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) stood against critical race theory teachings in Florida schools. He also passed the Parental Rights in Education Act in his state. Those are just two examples of his fight against “woke” culture — an ideology he declared will die in the Sunshine State under his watch.

On August 16, during a press conference, the governor recommitted his resolve to eliminate “indoctrination” and other potentially harmful views away from Florida kids as they head back to the classroom.

The politician said he would use common sense to make decisions about schools in his state and simply would not allow the region to “descend” into a “woke dumpster fire.” DeSantis wants to concentrate on educating the young population about the basics by filling the schools with qualified instructors who share a deep knowledge of the subject matter.

The United States is currently experiencing a teacher shortage, a crisis the National Education Association President Rebecca Pringle puts in the “five-alarm” category. The Florida leader concluded that part of the problem in filling the spots is wokeness permeating the educational system. By rejecting those viewpoints, the governor hopes to attract more educators to the area who agree with his stance.

Why do you think there is a massive teacher shortage in America?

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