DeSantis Wants ‘New Blood’ at RNC

( – Citing “three substandard election cycles in a row,” Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is calling for a change of leadership at the Republican National Committee.

Incumbent chairwoman Ronna McDaniel is battling California Republican Harmeet Dhillon for the leadership seat, which will be decided by a vote on January 27. McDaniel has served three terms as chairwoman so far.

DeSantis, a Republican seen by many as a viable candidate for president in 2024, said the 2022 midterm elections were the “worst” showing so far. Despite the unpopularity of the Biden administration among voters worried about his mental faculties, inflation, and far-left social issues, Republicans only managed to take back the House, leaving the Senate in Democrat’s hands.

The RNC is too “consultant-driven,” said DeSantis, and the Committee risks losing everyday support from donors if it doesn’t change direction with new leadership. 

2023 marks the beginning of DeSantis’ second term as Florida governor. Praised by conservatives, DeSantis has taken an aggressive and unapologetic approach to route far-left ideologies from government and public schools. He has fired back at the teaching of “Critical Race Theory” in public schools and has taken steps to reign in the Disney corporation, which he sees as operating its own separate government within the state. 

Praising RNC chair hopeful Harmeet Dhillon, who proposes moving the RNC headquarters out of the nation’s capital, DeSantis said he agreed. Why would conservatives want the organization to be based in a city “more Democrat than San Francisco,” he asked.

Current RNC chair Ronna McDaniel may be difficult to defeat, given that she raised more than $1.5 billion for the organization during her tenure. That’s more than any other chair has raised. 

She also picked up endorsements from at least three former RNC finance chairs and from more than 100 of the 168 voting members of the RNC.

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