DeSantis Won’t Let Biden’s Bad Policies Ruin Florida

DeSantis Won't Let Biden's Bad Policies Ruin Florida

Ron DeSantis Is CUTTING OFF Joe Biden

( – The political race in Florida is heating up as Governor Ron DeSantis (R) continues to promote his policies to keep his jurisdiction free from the Left’s influence. The politician gained a reputation for his unique approach to the pandemic by refusing to lock down the Sunshine State. In August, he announced during a speech that his region is “where woke goes to die.”

On September 6, DeSantis had a press conference while receiving an endorsement from Everglades Trust. The governor spoke about how keeping Florida open during the coronavirus crisis helped local families while vowing to keep “Biden’s policies” out of his state. He warned that the situation could rapidly change if Democrats gained local control.

DeSantis likes his chances for a victory and a second term in office, alleging Republican voters outnumber Democrats in Florida by around 200,000. When the conservative leader took office, he said the Left was on top by almost 300,000. If his figures are accurate, the state’s voters made quite a swing, sending a message that residents could easily support the conservative for another stint in the governor’s mansion.

DeSantis indicated progressives were coming after residents’ freedom but promised to keep his state on a constitutional path. The governor said he would continue to concentrate on education, safety, and tax relief for all Floridians.

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