Disney Apologizes After Messing Up a Marriage Proposal

Disney Apologizes After Messing Up a Marriage Proposal

Disney Forced To Apologize After Ruining Crucial Moment

(RepublicanNews.org) – Disney is a popular destination spot where children and adults alike create memories. One couple, however, likely doesn’t want to remember how a Disney employee managed to ruin their marriage proposal in a surprising way. Disney has since apologized for the mishap and even offered to “make it right.”

A video of a man attempting to propose to his potential future wife left Disney no choice but to acknowledge an employee’s actions. As the man got down on one knee, a staff member rushed onto the scene and squeezed between the pair of lovers, quickly snatching the ring from the would-be groom. The employee then directed the couple to leave the platform.

The kicker here is that the man allegedly asked another employee if it would be okay for him and his girlfriend to stand on the platform, successfully gaining permission before making his move.

As the couple stepped off the platform, the man pointed to someone and said his girlfriend agreed to marry him. Spectators booed the employee for his rudeness and actions.

Disney has since apologized and is trying to make things right. But the couple will never be able to replace that special moment. Is an apology really enough?

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