Disturbing Crimes Against Children Were Covered Up…

Disturbing Crimes Against Children Were Covered Up...

(RepublicanNews.org) – Police officers accused of crimes, unfortunately, have a tendency to rely on the “blue wall of silence,” the practice of cops covering for each other. It can derail misconduct investigations and sometimes can empower rogue cops to continue committing crimes. On some occasions police turning a blind eye can allow criminal acts to go on for decades.

On April 10, the Boston Globe published an article detailing the arrest of Patrick Rose Sr., a former Boston police officer and police union head. Last August, a teenage girl told Boston police investigators that Patrick Rose repeatedly molested her for years.

A short time later, five other individuals came forward and accused Rose of molesting them. He currently sits in jail awaiting trial on 33 charges of sexual abuse of 6 minors over 3 decades.

A Boston Globe investigation revealed that the Boston PD filed charges against Rose for allegedly sexually assaulting a 12-year-old boy in 1995. The boy later recanted his story, but internal affairs officers determined that Rose broke the law.

Nevertheless, Rose served as a patrolman for the Boston PD for another 21 years and later served as the head of the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association for several years.

Several local politicians have called for an investigation into the Boston PD’s treatment of Rose. We will keep you updated on new developments in this breaking story.

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