Dog-Sized Dinosaur Fossils Discovered

Dog-Sized Dinosaur Fossils Discovered

( – Science and history constantly change; researchers regularly discover new findings. What people know about our planet’s development can quickly change with as little as one shift in view. Scientists made history on December 1, when they announced the discovery of a new dinosaur species.

Researchers believe that the stegouros, not to be confused with stegosaurus, was about thigh-high and six feet long, or a little larger than most dogs. Despite its size, this beast wasn’t a creature to mess with. The small-but-mighty ancient reptile boasted a trait never before seen in dinosaurs: a bladed tail.

While scientists believe several species had clubbed or spiked tails to help defend themselves against predators, the newly discovered stegouros’ tail had seven blades in total. Scientists believe the creature would use it to slash out at opponents, potentially cutting deeply into the flesh of other reptiles and beasts.

Researchers subsequently named the dinosaur Stegouros elengassen due to its similarities with the stegosaurus.

Lead study author Alex Vargas and his team mentioned that they conducted five separate DNA tests after examining the creature’s skull. Results helped them determine that stegouros was more closely related to the ankylosaur, a tank-like reptile, than stegosaurus.

The fossils date back 72 to 75 million years and are suspected to be from an adult based on bone structure alone. The truth about history may be “set in stone,” but we surely still have a long way to go in learning the truth.

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