DOJ Searches Biden Beach House

( – The issue of Presidents and former Presidents and their classified documents has become a full saga, with the FBI now searching President Biden’s Rehoboth Beach home to find more.

Earlier in January lawyers working for the White House found papers marked “classified” in the President’s Wilmington, Delaware, home garage. Classified documents also turned up at President Biden’s D.C. think tank the Biden-Penn Center.

And then, former Vice President Mike Pence announced that he had found classified papers at his Indiana home, which he then delivered to the National Archives. 

The three-and-a-half-hour search of Biden’s Rehoboth Beach home did not turn up any additional documents, according to Biden’s lawyer Bob Bauer.

Bauer said the search had been planned and anticipated, and said the Department of Justice (DOJ) wanted to do its work without the public knowing about it in advance.

The gentle manner with which President Biden has been treated contrasts with the much heavier approach taken to former President Donald Trump. Despite Trump’s cooperation with the DOJ investigation into classified documents in his possession, the FBI raided his Florida home in September 2022.

Trump said agents ransacked Mar-a-Lago, and rifled through his wife Melania’s clothes closets.

It is still unknown what is contained in any of the documents found in Biden’s possession. The total found is apparently between 25 and 30.

This week, both Democrats and Republicans have complained that the DOJ is not cooperating, or not cooperating quickly enough, with congressional demands to see the documents.

This week the Senate Intelligence committee, chaired by Virginia Democrat Mark Warner and co-chaired by Florida Republican Marco Rubio, sent the DOJ a letter expressing frustration with the agency’s slow pace.

Rubio told media this week he believed many of the documents were of a type that senators already have legal access to, but that they didn’t know which documents to focus on without more detail.

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