DOJ Seeks Longer Sentences for January 6 Proud Boys Convictions

( – In the years following the events of January 6th, 2021, very few even on the right have taken the time to point out that of the thousands of people on the Capitol grounds who were supposedly there to impose their will on Congress, very few brought a firearm along. The most heavily armed civilian population in recorded history left their guns at home.

Mainstream outlets appeared to deal with this fact by running pieces that seemed to suggest that pepper spray and flagpoles were somehow on par with cordite-based weaponry. Despite those facts and a host of well-known others, prosecutors for the U.S. government were able to build over 40 conspiracy cases, many of which ended with decades-long sentences.

Despite already being sentenced to terms that many would find beyond excessive, a select handful of Proud Boys are now looking at the possibility of an even lengthier stay behind bars. It seems that Uncle Sam was not happy with District Judge Tim Kelly’s May decision not to impose the maximum penalty on the quintet in question.

Readers may remember Enrique Tarrio. He came complete with a Hispanic last name and brown skin to match and was the one-time Proud Boys leader who legacy media somehow claimed was a white supremacist. Prosecutors asked Kelly to put him away for 33 years, but the judge chose a term that was 11 years shorter.

Joe Biggs, Dominic Pezzola, Ethan Nordean, and Zachary Rehl also received between approximately one-third and one-half of their recommended terms. On October 16, the Department of Justice notified the court that they plan to appeal each man’s sentence.

In a separate case, the DOJ has already appealed the sentence of Stuart Rhodes, who is perhaps best known for being the founder of Oath Keepers. The convicted insurrectionist won’t be out of prison until around 2040 in a best-case scenario. Prosecutors originally asked for 25 years.

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