Donald Trump Says He Expects to Visit Border Soon

Donald Trump Says He Expects to Visit Border Soon

( – Immigration and border security issues have plagued the nation for at least a generation. Unfortunately, Congress remains deadlocked on what course of action to take. Former President Donald Trump took a compassionate, yet firm, approach to border security matters.

The situation has deteriorated at the nation’s southern border since Trump left office. President Joe Biden tasked Vice President Kamala Harris with spearheading the administration’s policies regarding the border.

Harris recently visited Mexico and Guatemala. However, she told reporters on June 7 that she didn’t have any plans to visit the border. Instead, she said she preferred to focus the administration’s attention on the root causes of migration instead of pursuing “grand gestures.”

Trump sat down for a wide-ranging interview with Fox News host Stuart Varney that same day. Trump told Varney he was “seriously considering” taking a trip to the border. He said several individuals had asked him to witness the crisis first-hand, “including the [Customs and] Border Patrol.”

Continuing, he said the visit “could come relatively soon,” and that he had concerns regarding the “incredible” people working to protect the border who have been “left out to dry” by the current administration. He concluded his remarks by saying the migrant crisis was the result of “gross incompetence.”

America’s Evolving Border Security and Immigration Policies

Donald Trump campaigned on a promise to secure the nation’s southern border by constructing a wall. Democrats attempted to block his efforts through Congressional control of government funds. The Trump administration eventually resorted to shifting around Department of Defense funds to cover the ongoing construction of the wall.

Trump issued a presidential proclamation on February 15, 2019, declaring a state of emergency at the US-Mexico border. Additionally, he issued several other presidential actions strengthening border security and limiting the ability of migrants to easily cross the border.

Joe Biden reversed many of the Trump administration policies governing border security and immigration matters. He issued 15 presidential actions his first day in office, several of them directly impacting migrants. For instance, he halted the construction of the border wall and vacated Trump’s emergency declaration.

The crisis at the southern border doesn’t appear to be getting any better. In fact, by many estimates, it’s getting worse. Perhaps the Biden administration should support Trump’s proposed visit to see what’s happening. He might be able to offer some valuable insight based on his four years of successfully overseeing all of the nation’s borders and points of entry.

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