Donald Trump Says Radicals Have “Seized” America’s Most Powerful Positions

Donald Trump Says Radicals Have

( – Former President Donald Trump traveled to Arizona to speak at a Turning Point Action Summit in Phoenix on Saturday, July 24. As expected, Trump took aim at President Joe Biden and his immigration policies. He also spotlighted his concerns regarding the alleged radicalization of government since Democrats took control of the White House and both Congressional chambers.

Trump told the audience that “radicals are seizing power,” taking over the nation’s most powerful positions and doing their best to destroy the American way of life. The nation faces the “beginning” stage of falling victim to a “communist system,” he warned.

Elaborating, Trump said that leftist elements were directing the country towards Communism by taking over the mainstream media, censoring the free exchange of ideas, dismantling the rule of law and unleashing the nation’s legal system on political opponents. He also alleged that the Left is continuing a years-long effort to undermine free elections and expand its control.

Saturday’s event wasn’t the first time Trump warned the nation about Communism. During the 2020 presidential campaign, he accused Kamala Harris of being a communist who would swiftly grab the reins of power if Biden won the election. He also spoke of Communism’s rise in America last week during an interview with conservative commentator and podcaster Michael Savage.

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