Donald Trump Visits Border With Texas Governor Greg Abbott

Donald Trump Visits Border With Texas Governor Greg Abbott

( – Former President Donald Trump took a hardline approach to border security and immigration policy, making them a core part of his “Make America Great Again” policies. President Joe Biden reversed many of those beginning his first day in office and sparked an unprecedented crisis at the nation’s southern border.

On June 30, Trump traveled to Texas and held a roundtable discussion with Republican Governor Gregg Abbott. Later in the day, they visited the border accompanied by federal and state legislators.

“We have a sick country in many ways,” Trump explained. America has a sickness overtaking its border, and without strong border security, “you [can’t] have a country.”

Continuing, he contrasted border security under his administration with that of the Biden administration. He reminded reporters of his success in reducing the flood of migrants to the border. He also pointed out the reduction of drug dealers and trafficking across the US-Mexico border during his time in office.

However, Biden “is destroying our country,” with his ineffective border policies, he explained. The US is in a “sick state” with its “open, really dangerous border.” Trump and Abbott indicated it’s time for Biden to go back fast and finish the work his administration began, including implementing strict border security measures and finish building the wall.

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