Donald Trump Week Formally Declared in Florida

Donald Trump Week Formally Declared in Florida

( – As one might expect, Donald Trump has received numerous awards, including academic degrees, government honors, and organizations’ recognition. Of course, he also won the most votes of any sitting president in US history. However, there’s nothing quite like receiving a local award.

While he enjoys his new life at his Mar-a-Lago resort, the nearby town of Frostproof, Florida, issued an official proclamation on February 1, declaring the first week of February “Donald J. Trump Week.”

An overwhelming majority of the city leaders passed the proclamation. It lists a handful of Trump’s many accomplishments as president, like creating millions of jobs: 1.2 million in manufacturing and construction, along with the creation of 9,000 opportunity zones nationwide.

It also recognizes his record-low unemployment numbers and the fact his administration did not enter the United States into any new wars. As the proclamation noted, he brought numerous troops back home from America’s forever wars.

The honors continue rolling out to Donald Trump, one of the greatest presidents in US history. It’s good to see Americans giving him recognition for his efforts to make America great.

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