Don’t Let Biden’s Unemployment Numbers Fool You

( – Although statistics don’t tend to lie, they can be manipulated. If what many are saying is true, America’s technically-low unemployment numbers are owed not to the fact that the country has a robust workforce under President Biden, but to the apparent reality that millions of employable adults aren’t participating in the system.

While the official unemployment rate sits at 3.8%, that number rises to over 6% when one takes into account the amount of workers who are able-bodied yet not actively looking for work. The end result is a set of unemployment statistics that have been artificially lowered.

President Biden helms an economy that many would consider to be the most unique in the nation’s history. Current economic conditions must be analyzed through a pre- and post-pandemic filter. Outside of the widespread criticism most of his social policies received from the establishment, even the mainstream media acknowledged that President Trump was responsible for “setting economic growth on fire.”

That all came to a grinding halt when pandemic lockdowns were implemented. In less than one month, tens of millions of working Americans suddenly found themselves without a job. An economy marked by record growth and low inflation was instantly subjected to an artificial recession.

Once lockdowns were lifted, millions of eager-to-work Americans flooded the labor market faster than they ever had before. President Biden found himself heir to the Trump economy and in charge of a system with inflation below the Federal Reserve’s target of 2%. That system was also adding 1.4 million jobs each month.

It took less than two years for Biden to find himself at the wheel of an economy with contracting growth, a grim job outlook, and soaring inflation. Reasons aside, the labor numbers are easy to understand. About 5 million Americans who would have been part of the pre-pandemic workforce have simply given up on looking for work.

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