Drama Over Land Around Travis AFB Intensifies

(RepublicanNews.org) – The mysterious LLC responsible for purchasing large amounts of land adjacent to California’s Travis Air Force Base has pulled an audible and is now suing the original landowners for price gouging. The move comes as both legislators and media outlets suggest that the company behind the purchases may be a front for the CCP.

Beginning in 2018, Flannery Associates, a Delaware-registered LLC, began buying parcels of land around TAFB that would come to total almost 55,000 acres. The group has invested over $800 million into the project and has simultaneously become the largest landowner in Solano County, which sits about 60 miles outside San Francisco.

Because Flannery is an LLC registered in Delaware it is not required to disclose who helms it. Neither Air Force investigators nor lawmakers have been able to determine who is behind the firm outside of a statement given by the LLC’s attorney.

Flannery lawyer Richard Melnyk said in a June 21st letter that “no foreign person” or body of “foreign persons” maintain “significant interest” or “control” over the purchases. He went on to add that the land’s proximity to TAFB had nothing to do with the acquisitions.

Democratic Rep. John Garamendi oversees the area’s constituency and said that in addition to no one knowing who controls Flannery, the purchases themselves “do not make sense” to locals. Garamendi is the head Democrat for the Armed Service Committee’s panel on readiness.

He described the buying as being “right up to the fence” at TAFB and pointed out that Chinese companies have tried to buy land adjacent to military installations before.

Flannery said in their pending lawsuit that area landowners conspired in “illegal price-fixing.” They describe the defendants as “wealthy landowners” who sought to make “hundreds of millions” in profit by driving prices to “supra competitive levels” through the elimination of “free market competition.”

The LLC alleges an overpayment of $170 million and is seeking $510 million in damages.

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