Drug Cartels Exploiting Weak Joe Biden, Bill O’Reilly Says

Drug Cartels Exploiting Weak Joe Biden, Bill O'Reilly Says

(RepublicanNews.org) – National security has effectively fallen apart in the brief four months since Joe Biden took office. The nation faces a mounting crisis as unaccompanied migrant children flood across the nation’s southern border, and the Biden administration appears unwilling or unable to do anything about it. A disturbing new report points to another problem about to hit the nation.

Former Fox News megastar and host of the No Spin News podcast, Bill O’Reilly, spoke with Breitbart News on May 24 about an emerging problem with Mexican drug cartels. Organized crime in the form of Mexican drug cartels “loves Joe Biden,” he began.

Biden’s mishandling of border security and leftist policies regarding immigration creates an ideal opportunity for drug cartels to traffic drugs across the nation’s southern border, he explained.

Unquestionably, O’Reilly is correct about a massive increase in border crossings. When it comes to drugs, the first four months of 2021 saw about a 2% increase in the seizure of illegal drugs by weight, according to the latest figures posted by US Customs and Border Protection.

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