Dwayne Johnson Stops Allowing Real Guns on Set

Dwayne Johnson Stops Allowing Real Guns on Set

(RepublicanNews.org) – Movies often use real guns with blank ammo in them in order to produce a life-like effect. After actor Alec Baldwin’s recent incident on the set of “Rust,” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson says his production teams will no longer work with real firearms. The 49-year-old actor called cinematographer Hayla Hutchins’ death heartbreaking, expressing his sympathy for her family and the people on set.

What Happened on ‘Rust’?

Baldwin was filming a scene in his movie “Rust” when he discharged a .45 caliber revolver. The firearm was supposed to be loaded with blank ammo, or dummy rounds, but it wasn’t. Instead, someone snuck live ammo onto the set and loaded it into the firearm.

When Baldwin fired the gun, the bullet struck the movie’s director in the arm and then hit Hutchins, who later died of her injuries — an incredibly tragic series of events.

Johnson’s Initiative

To prevent future tragedies, The Rock is placing a moratorium on the use of real firearms on any of his sets, regardless of whether he’s in charge of production. Teams working with him will use fake rubber guns from now on.

Johnson understands the costs of omitting real guns in the production of a movie but notes that the decision to refrain from using them isn’t about money. In his eyes, crew safety is more important than any additional expenditures.

What Does The Rock Think?

Johnson expressed his love for working in the film industry and mentioned how seriously most crews take safety protocols. Still, he admits that while sets are generally safe, accidents can and do happen from time to time.

The popular actor-turned-director says he felt heartbroken when he heard that Hutchins passed away as a result of the accident. He feels the best approach is for everyone to take a break, evaluate the situation and discover exactly why it happened. That way, movie producers can make sure it never happens again.

The Guns

While the “prop” guns aren’t inherently dangerous, they are often technically “real” and function similarly to most other firearms. On movie sets, prop managers load them with blanks; these give the effect of a live round being fired without the same level of risk. No one can tell the difference when watching the movie.

In the case of the accident during the filming of “Rust,” production crews allegedly cut critical corners in response to an extremely tight budget. As a result, the crew’s overworked armorer found it difficult to fulfill her duty in training the cast and maintaining onset weapons.

As a result, someone was able to sneak live rounds on the set and load them into Baldwin’s revolver. The “prop” gun effectively became real in an instant.

It’s good to see celebrities such as Dwayne Johnson stand up for safety on movie sets. The fact that he also specifically indicated that the cost of production doesn’t matter when it comes to ensuring safety is also notable. Unfortunately, not everyone in Hollywood feels the same way.

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