Election Deniers Face Indictment

(RepublicanNews.org) – Two election officials in Cochise County, Arizona, who delayed certification of the 2022 midterm election results have been indicted by a grand jury.

County supervisors Tom Crosby, 64, and Peggy Judd, 61, refused to certify the county’s election results in time for the statutory deadline following months of unevidenced claims over election fraud. A court order forced the county to finalize its tally nearly one month later in December 2022.

Both Judd and Crosby have been accused of committing two felonies. The indictment alleges they conspired to delay certification of the results, while also claiming they interfered with the secretary of state’s statewide canvass. Both crimes, which are Class 5 felonies, can lead to imprisonment for six months up to two-and-a-half years.

Democratic state Attorney General Kris Mayes lambasted the “unacceptable” repeated attempts to “undermine our democracy” in a statement on Wednesday, November 29th.

Election laws vary from state to state, but local officials are often required to sign off the results across the country. If Cochise County had not certified its results, the strongly Republican county’s 47,000 votes would not have counted and would have led to Rep. Juan Ciscomani losing the race for the House of Representatives.

The tensions had been bubbling well before the election, as Crosby and Judd cast baseless doubt on the voting machines, instead seeking to do an arduous hand count of all the ballots (which is not permitted under state law). Furthermore, the pair sued Cochise’s elections director Lisa Marra, who soon quit her job after five years of service.

Judd was present at the Capitol riots on Jan. 6, 2021, although she has denied entering the Capitol or any wrongdoing. She has also allegedly spread conspiracy theories online, according to the Tucson Sentinel.

Herself and Crosby join a small but notable number of Republicans who have faced criminal charges in relation to election denial, with more than a dozen facing prosecution under the fake elector scheme in 2020.

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