Election Integrity Bill Passed in Texas Senate Vote

Election Integrity Bill Passed in Texas Senate Vote

(RepublicanNews.org) – Republican lawmakers in Texas are hoping to quickly pass a new measure to protect the integrity of future elections in the wake of the highly disputed 2020 presidential election. They’ve been working for months to pass the bill, and finally, some light began to appear at the end of that long tunnel.

The Republican-led Senate was unable to pass the measure by the end of the legislative session in July. However, Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott called the legislature into a special session in August to complete the bill’s passage and address some other legislative measures.

The Senate completed that mission on Thursday, August 12, and passed SB-1 at about 9 a.m. local time after Democratic Senator Carol Alvarado filibustered the measure overnight.

She managed to talk for roughly 15 hours, armed with a pair of sneakers, a back brace, and a photograph of her father for inspiration. She talked about the plight of ordinary working-class Texans and voter discrimination in general. She also read some letters from her constituents asking her to oppose the proposed election bill.

She later told reporters she knew her effort to block the bill would fail. However, she decided to filibuster the measure to raise public awareness about the controversy surrounding the legislation.

Round Two With Democrats Awaits

The measure moves over to the Texas House for debate and a floor vote now that it has passed the Senate. However, Democrats are bound and determined to block the measure. They have already broken quorum three times to halt the bill.

For those unfamiliar with a quorum, it requires a minimum number of legislators to advance a measure. The Texas House of Representatives requires the presence of 100 members in the chamber.

Last Sunday, all 82 Republicans and 13 Democrats met to consider passage of its companion election law bill, falling 5 people short of the necessary number of representatives. The House tried to address the measure again on a Monday but couldn’t reach the required 100 attendees again.

There Is Hope

Republican House Speaker Dade Phelan may have found a solution to the quorum issue. On Thursday, August 12, he deputized Texas law enforcement officials to execute a civil arrest warrant on the missing Democrats to force them to appear in the House Chamber to take up the election bill.

House Democrats had successfully blocked the issuance of civil arrest warrants by obtaining a temporary restraining order in the lower courts. However, on Thursday morning, the Texas Supreme Court vacated those orders, paving the way for their eventual arrest.

One possible snag remains to the passage of the bill. More than 50 House Democrats fled to Washington, DC, in July as part of an earlier effort to block the bill, and 26 of them have pledged to stay there for as long as it takes to defeat the measure.

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