Elon Musk Will Likely Meet Liberal Resistance as He Pushes for Big Tech Free Speech

Elon Musk Will Likely Meet Liberal Resistance as He Pushes for Big Tech Free Speech

(RepublicanNews.org) – Billionaire entrepreneur and free speech advocate Elon Musk joined Twitter’s board of directors less than 24 hours after purchasing 9.2% of its stock — enough to become the company’s top shareholder. According to Reuters, political conservatives immediately took to the platform to share their hope that former President Donald Trump would now have a chance at reinstatement. Musk’s arrival came with staunch resistance from the company’s liberal management and employees.

Reuters notes that while Musk appears to be a welcome addition for CEO Jack Dorsey, many company employees aren’t happy to see him walking their halls. While Twitter’s board is supposed to only advise on company policy, chatter inside the operation suggests teams routinely craft and mold ideas to sway the board’s opinion on various matters.

Some employees fear Musk’s absolutist attitude when it comes to free speech will turn Twitter into a troll’s playground. Other employees told Reuters they were excited at Musk’s inclusion and what he might bring to the table.

As a major shareholder, Musk also happens to have nearly 80 million followers on the platform. In fact, Musk polled his followers and asked if they thought Twitter was free-speech friendly just 11 days after buying a huge chunk of its shares. A vast majority voted “no.”

It seems clear that Musk intends to stick around. Exactly what kind of role he might reprise, however, remains unclear. He could become more involved in its future endeavors — or he might opt to remain a silent investor instead.

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