Enes Kanter Freedom Slams Biden Admin for Tense Relations with China

(RepublicanNews.org) – The man who changed his last name to “Freedom” to celebrate the protections of his newfound American citizenship has blasted the Biden administration for “getting in bed” with the Chinese government. Jeffrey Katzenberg, President Joe Biden’s 2024 campaign co-chair, is a “Trojan Horse” for the CCP, Kanter Freedom said in a recent interview with Fox.

Katzenberg chaired both Disney and Dreamworks Animation and is considered one of the most powerful fundraisers in the Democratic Party. He and his wife personally donated over $1.4 million to Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign. The corporate mogul was also indirectly responsible for raising millions of more dollars through fundraisers he hosted for the President.

Katzenberg has stated that he visited China each month for several years in an effort to secure an investment deal with the CCP that would put Dreamworks at the helm of building a Shanghai production studio worth billions of dollars.

Kanter Freedom told Laura Ingraham on July 17th that he believes Katzenberg is “the Biden extension into China” and asked what motivation the administration would have in maintaining such close ties.

The athlete-turned-activist of Turkish descent has made a name for himself being critical of governments involved in ongoing alleged human rights abuses. Following Kanter’s criticism in 2019, the Turkish government placed a bounty on his head and filed an extradition request.

During his last season with the Boston Celtics, Kanter Freedom wore custom shoes that read “Free Tibet” and “Free Uyghurs” in an attempt to call out the CCP and their alleged treatment of those ethnic groups. The athlete claims he was corporately blacklisted from the NBA after wearing the shoes.

During his exchange with Ingraham, Kanter referred to China as “the biggest dictatorship” on the planet and accused the CCP of using TikTok to brainwash “150 million Americans.” The app recently banned the activist after he posted a video that appeared to show human rights violations in Shanghai.

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